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Finger Lakes Electric Boat

Specializing in Manufacturing of Electric Boats


WE believe you should

"Have Fun While You Are Helping To Save The World"

Our Boats

Why Electric

Adirondack 16


  The Adirondack 16’s unique design and finally appointed trim turns heads where ever it goes. The high gunnels give a feeling of security when silently flowing through the water. It has tiller steering that hearkens back to its antique heritage. It is built of fiberglass and has wood covered decks. This is the perfect boat for an afternoon jaunt or an evening cocktail cruse along the shoreline or down the canal.  

Adirondack 19

2006-06-22 115.JPG

  The Adirondack 19 is more of an all around usage boat. but It has the double end to fallow the Adirondack style. It is built of fiberglass with fiberglass decks for low maintenance. There are more creature comforts with its larger seating area and built in cooler. It has wheel steering at a traditional helm to make it more familiar to the traditional boater. Its versatility will allow it to be used for fishing, hunting, a relaxing swim or even used as a launch at the yacht club. 

Fast Cat One


Fast Cat is still on the drawing board with a test model on the way

Small Heading

Fingerlakes Electric Boat Co.

We are the electric boat company located in the heart of the Fingerlakes of New York. Taking over the production of Adirondack Electric Boat that started in the year 2001 we are continuing the production of Adirondack style electric boats.  In addition to building the Adirondack style electric boats we are in the process of adding new and exciting  electric boat models to the Finger Lakes Electric Boat fleet. Each one of our hand laminated fiberglass hulls is individually built and expertly finished to your specifications.

Email us for a list of available models and pricing.

Why Electric Boats

Why electric boats?

 The first thing I noticed when I went for a ride was how quiet it was. I could hear a Kingfisher call and even fish jumping.

 According to the American Boating Association, "Clean boating and other forms of environmental stewardship (or the lack thereof) has the potential to affect a significant portion of the Nation's economy.". Electric propulsion can start to put an end to greenhouse gas production. Own an electric boat and help keep clean water.

Office : Cayuga, NY

 Assembly Plant:  5786 State Rt. 96     

                                Romulus, NY 14541


 Tel:  (315) 246-8081

 For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form: 

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Finger Lakes

Electric Boat

   P.O. Box 62 Romulus. NY 14541

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